November 2015

Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999

“I have known Sonja for several years and I’ve come to know her as a consummate professional in decor and design. She is experienced, talented and really differentiates herself with her client focused creativity. I’ve seen the before and after on several of her projects and her results really and truly speak for themselves. She has a knack for finding beautiful pieces for her clients’ homes that fit with their personality. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to build or update a home. On top of her expertise, she is a great person, easy to talk to and very warm.”
-Kevin Girard 

January 2016

Project Price: more than $100,000

“As a custom home builder, I’ve worked with many people. Not many have impressed me like, Sonja Curry. I’ve recently hired her on multiple jobs and the results have been absolutely fantastic! She has amazing client rapport, she’s extremely thorough with every single step, and best of all, she has full set of experience within the whole construction process. She literally does it all.

While working with her, it was more of a partnership/collaboration where she helped keep things in check and was always there right beside me when I needed her help. She comes with the highest recommendations for me. From color consultations, full home design/setup, staging, furniture seletion…she does it! Give her a shout, you won’t be disappointed!”

-PHW Homes Inc



September 2015

Project Price: less than $1,000

If you have the chance to work with Sonja for your office or home, take advantage of it. It will be time and money well spent!

“I’ve known Sonja for some time and recently asked her to spare a few moments of her time to visit our church. We have a small facility that is about 50 years old. While we have done what we could to improve things, the building still did not have the intimate feel we wanted to have.

Sonja generously spared some time to walk through and give us a few suggestions. I followed her around the building taking notes and jotting down ideas as she went and I could not keep up. To see her creativity and vision for a room and her ideas for taking what was already there and changing it up to make it better just blew me away. When I had asked for her help, I did not expect to generate the list of suggestions that she provided us. After implementing the changes, I’ve heard some feedback from several people who have noticed a different feel in the building in line with what we were aiming for.

What was even better than the list of suggestions she gave for our building was getting the chance to watch Sonja walk through a room and just see idea after idea flow from her head. It was an eye opening experience that showed me that little things can make a big difference to a space. I learned more about her style and abilities watching her work for 30 minutes than I had the previous 2 years and it gave me even more confidence to refer Sonja to any one that would need her services.

-Earl Almeida