Picking The Perfect Couch

When investing in a sofa for longevity as well as durability, you should expect to spend approximately $2500 – $3000.00. Shop around for seasonal and promotional sales that can drop the price by 20%.
Coveting the following five tips for your next sofa investment will ensure that your big purchase be a perfect pick–for the long haul.


  1. Take measurements of your prospective sofa space before leaving the house in order to determine the maximum length and width that your large purchase can be, to properly function in your home.


  2. Bring a measuring tape with you on your shopping trips. 36 inches is a comfortable, functional (backrest) height. 36 inches is also an ideal overall (front to back) depth, to ensure the best leg support and lounging comfort.

  3. Arm rests should be no more than 4-6 inches wide. The narrower the better, for maximum seating space, especially in smaller living rooms.


4. Choose a frame made of solid, kiln dried wood rather than MDF for the best quality, comfort and durability.

5. Deciding on a colour is often the most challenging step in choosing the perfect sofa. A neutral colour is your best bet, especially for long-term use. Pillows and throws work to add that pop of colour that you want in your home to make it look, and feel, pulled together.


6. Finishing Tip: Ensuring your new, beautiful sofa fits through the entryway or elevator door of your home is a seemingly obvious, but an easily forgotten pre-purchase detail. Your measuring tape is the most valuable tool for this large purchase.