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Your Perfect Kitchen Wall Colour: 5 Ways to Streamline the Paint Picking Process

Choosing a new colour for any wall in your home is both exciting and overwhelming. When there are existing appliances, furniture and cabinetry to consider, the picking process can be quite tricky. Here are five ways to streamline the process, in your kitchen.

1. Browse inspirational photos from Pinterest, your favourite home decor magazines and Next, narrow all of the photos down to those of kitchens similar to your own for a selection of loose fitting colour ideas.

2. If you’re embarking on a partial or full kitchen renovation, your wall colour should be chosen last. Cabinetry, counters and flooring should be chosen first as these colour choices will be a little bit more limited. Paint can be tinted virtually any colour.

3.Choose your favourite neutral colours from your backsplash or counter. This element will now be the star of your kitchen.

4. Bring photos of your kitchen, samples of your cabinetry, counters and flooring to the paint store to compare and contrast against your new perfect paint colours.

5. Narrow your choices down to 3 colours and get sample pots and small, disposable rollers from your paint store.  Buy white poster boards from the dollar store and paint 2 coats of each colour on each poster.  You now have good sized samples that can be taped to the walls and moved around so that you can see how each colour will look in the light of your kitchen amongst all of the elements.


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