DIY Holiday Ornaments

At this time of year, you’re probably rushing to find a handful of small gifts that are as unique as they are meaningful–for all of those friends, neighbors, and co-workers on your list. A fun (resourceful) solution to after-work mall runs? A timeless holiday ornament.

For this festive DIY craft, I chose to work with FAT Paint. They are a company close to my heart not only because Victoria, the owner, is a friend of mine, but because the paint is also my absolute favorite–due to its beautiful artisan chalk quality. FAT Paint transforms anything from small items, like these ornaments, all the way up to furniture pieces needing new life.

SONJA17.jpgI’m all about re-imagining decor items when possible; being sustainable when I can be and supporting local businesses–so that’s exactly what we did here, with the help of FAT Paint. I chose a handful of beaded wreath tree ornaments which I’ve always loved for their shape, but were tired looking and needed revamping.

SONJA13The Red Barchetta coated the scratched up wreaths with amazing rich Christmas colour and made them look new and gorgeous again.

SONJA15.jpgSome of the colors we played with were Cascadia–their limited edition, 5th anniversary rich hunter green, and Autumn; a beautiful rust red. We decided to go with the bright Red Barchetta, for our wreath ornaments featured above.




SONJA27.jpgUsing precious little cloth gift bags from the dollar store, we dressed up each ornament for a beautiful delivery either on its own or as an embellishment on wrapped gifts.

SONJA28.jpgTa-da! Our finished holiday packages. Like what you see? Find a retailer near you, and hop on the FAT Paint train trend here.